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Maybe We Can Learn To Love Alice

Not too long ago I started talking about a movie called “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane”, featuring some choice terror hotties, so it only makes sense to come full circle and start talking about “Nobody Loves Alice”, a movie that, oddly enough, also features some choice terror hotties.

It’s really, really hard to get away from choice terror hotties in this industry, I tell you that much.

Anyway, this time, we’ve got Nitzan Mager, Elise Rodriguez and Amanda Taylor serving as terror hotties on this run, and they’re neck deep in a really interesting concept.  Basically, you’ve got Alice, child of foster homes, who really isn’t all that sure what “love” actually is.  This, of course, leads to her going absolutely batshit insane and doing lots of killing.  Meanwhile, coworker Abigail is neck-deep in the fairytale romance that Alice has always wanted, but decides to test partner Alex (man, does nobody’s name start with A in this thing?) by hooking him up with Alice to “test his fidelity”.  Oh yeah.  You know this can’t end well.  Just barely released, you should be able to Netflix yourself a copy if you haven’t already seen it.