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The King of the Witches Talks to Trees

Now here’s a dose of weird with a big-ass capital W for you, folks—it’s called Simon: King of the Witches, and that’s exactly what it’s about.

Featuring terror hotties Allyson Ames and Brenda Scott, Simon: King of the Witches is all about Simon Sinestrari, an actual warlock who seems to be down on his luck.  Living in a storm drain and occasionally talking to trees, Simon is picked up for vagrancy and finds himself spending a night in jail with Turk, a young guy with plenty of powerful connections that Simon doesn’t seem to have a problem with using.  Simon will advance his way through the rich and powerful, taking on any and all challengers to his dark power, leading up to Simon’s summoning of an assortment of dark forces.

Not exactly the kind of thing you see every day, now is it?  No, not at all—not even Julian Sands’ Warlock could pretend to be doing this sort of thing with any kind of regularity.  And it’s because of this relative uniqueness that I find myself interested in landing a copy of this.