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The Dead Pit is Choice Real Estate

When I first heard that The Dead Pit was getting the re-release treatment, I was all sorts of happy.  I actually have a copy of the original on VHS lurking in my basement somewhere, and thinking of it on DVD is a cheery thought.  See, I have great memories of this movie, not the least of which was the fantastic plastic box with a zombie on the cover in raised relief, so that you could both see and feel the horror.  Even better, some versions, including the standee if I remember right, featured a battery-powered pair of light bulbs in the zombie’s eyes, causing them to glow green.

That’s what you call going the extra mile.

And so, I’m definitely looking forward to grabbing a copy when it emerges—terror hottie Cheryl Lawson is icing on a very sweet cake that features zombies bursting up from a greenish glowing pit to wreak havoc and eat flesh, all under the control of the homicidal Dr. Ramzi.

It’s an excellent movie, even if the packaging doesn’t go quite that far any more, and you should definitely get a kick out of it.