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Fresh Ink From The Tattooist

Now, generally, I like Ghost House Pictures movies.  Sure, the connection to Sam Raimi is tenuous at best, but there’s no denying that it is, in fact, there.  And usually, they can be counted on to put out at least a passable scary movie with a few good shocks and some surprises on occasion.

This is of course why I’ve definitely got an interest in snagging a copy of The Tattooist.

Featuring a matched pair of terror hotties in the form of Mia Blake and Caroline Cheong, The Tattooist deals with a tattoo artist who’s always interested in finding the very best and latest in ink.  Sensing an opportunity, he studies with the Samoans and steals a sacred tattooing tool for his own use.  Naturally, this doesn’t end well, and our tattoo artist returns to the Samoans to figure out how to return the tool and end the various scary problems unleashed by his theft.

Which is somewhat familiar—Leprechaun, anybody?—but freaky tats are somewhat new in the horror industry.  Notice I say somewhat; it has been done before but not terribly often or terribly recently, so between that and the terror hotties, The Tattooist shouldn’t be terribly painful and might even look good in the end.

(Caroline Cheong)