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A Lodge We’ve Seen Before

A foursome of terror hotties sparks up some otherwise drab cinema joy with the recently-released The Lodge.

The plotline is stone axe primitive—basically, a couple goes on vacation to a nice, secluded vacation lodge, only to discover that there’s something really weird going on with the caretaker.  Yeah, I know; almost nothing new there, is there?  Sounds just like The Shining or any of its legion of knockoffs.

Normally I’m the first one to rail on a lack of originality in horror filmmaking.  But what’s really odd is that this is, actually, almost okay this time around, as we’ve got plenty of terror hottie joy thrown in like Deanna Cramer, Liz Jones, Elizabeth Kell and Mandi Kreisher.  They may not sound overly familiar, but they indeed qualify as terror hotties.

With all that going for it, even the relatively drab should at least approach watchable, and sometimes, that’s the best you can hope for.

(Elizabeth Kell / Mandi Kreisher)