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Haunted Dorm Rooms? Sign Me Up!

(Sarah Roemer)

If you remember Sarah Roemer from Disturbia, then you’ll no doubt be interested in her performance in Asylum.

I sure am; in all honesty, the plot synopsis makes this one hard to ignore.  Basically, a bunch of college girls discover that their dorm used to be an insane asylum, and the ghost of one of the facility’s doctors still haunts the halls.  Now, naturally, this doctor was not known for his friendly bedside manner, and thus will be putting our coterie of college girls—including Sarah Roemer—through absolute hell.

Okay, okay, so the haunted dorm isn’t exactly a huge step forward for originality, but I’m looking forward to hearing how they explain away not actually, you know, TELLING prospective students that they’re living in what used to be a looney bin.  Oh, yeah, and it’s haunted.  Nothing will make kids look at their safety school faster.

And man, don’t you wish the girls you went to college with looked like Sarah Roemer?

(Sarah Roemer)