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Long Hot Summer With Nothing Original To Do

Brace yourselves, o my terror hotties readers, because this time we’re going across the pond for a sweet shot of terror hottie in The Summer of the Massacre.

Jeannette James, Amanda Formon, and Emma Horsley team up along with a host of other solid casts to bring us a rather standard horror flick about four teenagers taking a quick shortcut across the English countryside. Their time-saving excursion is rapidly turned into a bloody beatdown as the foursome finds Black Wood, home to the infamous Ed Craven, otherwise known as Hammer Head because of his distinctly shaped headgear. No, I’m just kidding—it’s never that interesting.

They call him Hammer Head because he favors the hammer in his killing sprees. And naturally, our foursome is going to be the target of Ed Craven’s next bludgeoning good time, in a fashion that we’re all terribly familiar with.

I look for this one to be a lot like meatloaf. Sure, you’ve had it hundreds of times before but is it ever really that bad? Sure, sometimes it’s dry or burnt or the meat’s gone south but if it’s done even halfway close to right it’ll still be tasty. Sure, it’s nothing you’d write home about but it might at least be worth a look.