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Demonically Animated Puppets Are Always A Bad Thing


An entire pack of terror hotties align themselves to bring us Puppet Show, a movie that proves that the circus is just in general a bad idea.

Erica Slider,  Nina Tepes, Lavelle Claiborne, Celena Hiasashi, and Carrie French all comprise the terror hottie segment of the cast list, and when you find what they’ll be landing neck-deep in, you might be scared but for all the wrong reasons.

Bascially, Ringmaster Rick, the iconic star of his own childrens’ show Circus Town, made a deal with a demon to bring his chief puppet, Charlie Chowderhead, to life.  This is widely considered to be a bad idea, and Ringmaster Rick turns up dead not too long afterward.   Ringmaster Rick’s granddaughter Casey inherits Charlie Chowderhead from her recently deceased granddad, and of course, Charlie’s not done killing yet just because there’s someone new pulling his strings.

Which is just all sorts of familiar, even in the direct to video circuit (for those of you screaming “Pinocchio’s Revenge!” in agony right now I too feel your pain), but could at least manage to be an entertaining little romp if done correctly.  We’ll find out just how correctly on the order of Real Soon Now.