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Dead and Gone to the Land of the Terror Hotties

 (Gillian Shure)

I’m not all that sure what to think about Dead and Gone, coming out on video in just a very, very little while now.  On the one hand, it’s packed with a laundry list of terror hotties that includes, just for starters, Felissa Rose and Gillian Shure.  On the other hand, it has Kyle Gass of Tenacious D playing a minister.

The synopsis is…well…let’s just call it bizarre, because I think that’s going to fit the best here.  Basically, an actor takes his wife to a cabin in the woods because she’s dying and he barely knows what work is.  The cabin is all they have left, and he’s left to take care of the woman who until not so very long ago kept him in high style.

Until he smothers her.

This alone is weird enough, but then the really strange stuff kicks in and we discover that wifey’s a little more resilient than anyone gave her credit for.  And she’ll come after our kept actor with a vengeance.

So a thousand points for innovation, Dead and Gone…let’s just hope you don’t blow them all in the execution.

(Felissa Rose)