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Creepy Dummies and Terror Hotties in Triloquist

(Paydin LoPachin)

Part of a growing list of Dimension Extreme titles is Triloquist, which is, of course, a movie involving ventriloquism and those really creepy dummies.  Now, ventriloquist dummies have been a staple of horror since The Twilight Zone used one to such great effect way back in the day, and this time, Triloquist will prove to be no exception.

Paydin LoPachin and Katie Chonacas offer up the terror hottie joy this time around as, basically, a ventriloquist with an obligatorily creepy-looking dummy kills herself with a drug overdose while her two young children watch.  Bad enough, but the two kids and dummy are sent to live with a perverted uncle, who will end up just as dead himself.

So what’s going on?  Dummy on a killing spree?  Kids doing the killing and blaming it on the dummy?  Kids doing the killing at the insistence of the dummy?  Is somebody schizophrenic?  Who knows!  And because giving it away would be a massive spoiler, I’ll let you find out when Triloquist hits video store shelves on the order of soon.

(Katie Chonacas)