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New Still Emerges For 7500

There’s a fresh still out there for 7500, and while we’re not getting a whole lot out of this one, we are getting more than we had, and that’s certainly better than nothing.

With Amy Smart and Scout Taylor-Compton just part of the terror hottie lineup, 7500 takes us up on a plane heading from Los Angeles to Tokyo. A few long time friends are along for the right when the flight finds itself under siege, while still aloft, from a host of hostile, malevolent forces. It’s up to them to survive their flight, and get the flight down in one piece.

This could be some good stuff, like Snakes on a Plane significantly amped up. Of course, it may not end quite that well, but the up shot here is that we won’t be too long in finding out. Turns out this one will hit theaters August 31st, 2012, so we’re only a few months away from getting an eyeful of this one ourselves. Keep it right here for all the latest!

7500 Adding New Terror Hotties By The Day

If you’re looking forward to 7500, you’ve got good reason. Maybe you like the fact that Takashi Shimizu of The Grudge fame is coming back in. Or maybe you just like the terror hottie loadout, which has recently grown by leaps and bounds. Not only is Amy Smart in on this, but so too is Jamie Chung and Scout Taylor-Compton.

And the three of them will be heading out on a transpacific flight, when they encounter something on the plane with them. And this something’s got it in for them, and bad, too. They’ve got to figure out what it is and how they can beat it before it costs them their lives.

This one won’t take long to hit theaters, either; it’ll give us an early kick off to the horror movie season by landing in the tail end of summer movie season, August 31st, 2012. I personally like the concept, myself–a little bit Ghosts on a Plane, really–and hopefully it’ll manage to be all it can be when it hits the theaters.

Amy Smart Looks To Board Flight 7500

All right, guys, two words to kick off one of the best pieces of news you’re going to get today: Amy. Smart. Oh yeah, Amy Smart. You know things don’t get much better than getting Amy Smart involved. And the word is she’s in talks to come on back to horror with Flight 7500.

Flight 7500 is set to follow a flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo, when the passengers find themselves running afoul of something that’s occupied the plane. Something distinctly paranormal…and distinctly dangerous.

Nothing like a good ghost story, assuming that’s what this is, and “Ghosts on a Plane” sounds like a pretty good combination to me. You’ve got all the claustrophobia of a movie set on a plane, topped off with the whole ghost side of things, and what that means is that this one should be pretty good indeed. Hopefully this one can live up to its potential, but no word on shooting dates can be had, let alone release dates, so keep it here for all the latest!

Glimmer Puts Huge Spotlight On Terror Hotties

Glimmer is a strange name for a movie, but that strangeness doesn’t matter when you consider the sheer potency of the terror hottie package in this one. Featuring Laura Ramsey and the clearly terrific Amy Smart, Glimmer may be strange, but it’s still going to be awesome.

Glimmer joins Annie Tuttle, a young lady out for a walk around an ice-covered lake when she spots another young lady standing out on the ice. She rushes out to recover the other girl when she spots someone else on the ice, who shimmers and vanishes before her eyes. Nine years later, Annie’s just got married, and she’s just got a letter in the mail promising death for her in the near future from something called the Glimmer. And now, she’s got to figure out just what the Glimmer is, and how to stop it before it kills her.

There’s no word on release dates on this one just yet, but it sounds pretty interesting. I’m definitely on board to see just what the Glimmer is, let alone how it does its killing. Hopefully the end result will be as good as the early word suggests.

Dylan’s Wake To Pack In The Terror Hotties

(Amy Smart)

If you’re as excited as I am by the concept of Rose McGowan and Amy Smart in the same movie, then you’ll definitely be looking forward to the upcoming Dylan’s Wake.

Described as both a “supernatural love story” and a “horror mystery”, Dylan’s Wake centers on a young funeral parlor worker trying to unravel a ten-year-old mystery.  Filming is already currently underway in Iowa, and oddly enough, the whole thing is being bankrolled by a combination of private equity and Iowa tax incentives.

It’s a ballsy move, especially in this economy, to make a movie on private money and tax incentives, especially not knowing where it’d go from there.  Hopefully it can get distribution, or at least make a splash on Amazon, if nothing else.  Of course, with the cast list, it should manage to at least catch Lions Gate or Anchor Bay’s attention.

Amy Smart Pick Up As A Terror Hottie


Amy Smart, part of the dynamic terror hottie duo that steamed up our Mirrors, is well on her way to full terror hottie status as she joins up with The Blair Witch Project director Eduardo Sanchez to bring us Seventh Moon.

Basically, a couple newlyweds go on their honeymoon to China, but they go during the seventh lunar month—the titular seventh moon. This of course leads to the newlyweds running afoul of lots and lots of unpleasant things, and we’re not talking lost luggage.

I’m prepared to call this interesting—especially since everything I’ve ever seen Amy Smart in has been at least pretty good—but it’ll be a while before we get a chance to see it. It’ll be an official selection at the Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas on September 20th, so if you get a chance to see it, it should be worth at least a try.

Mirrors Got Downright Steamy For A Horror Flick

It was clear that our Mirrors were getting fogged from the second that sucker hit theatres—between Paula Patton and Amy Smart we were definitely getting our terror hottie quotient out the door and into the street—and they definitely played it to the hilt with their promotional material.    The last time I saw promotional material so devoted to wet chicks it was the posters for Cleavagefield.  A bit over the top?  Sure.  But that’s the horror industry; we forgot where the top actually is, so we always aim for over.

Okay, sure…so Mirrors was actually better called “Jack Bauer: Monster Slayer” because Kiefer Sutherland is somehow mentally locked into his 24 mode ever since he started on the show, and the ending is better suited to a comic book than a horror movie, but you can definitely say that we got a few good shocks out of it and plenty of terror hottie.

And though Paula Patton doesn’t look to be coming back to horror any time soon, the same cannot be said for Amy Smart, but more on that one later.

The Mirrors Show Us Loads of Terror Hotties

(Amy Smart)

Paula Patton, Erica Gluck and Amy Smart all unify to give us a three-pronged burst of terror hottie in the upcoming nightmare-fuel maker, Mirrors.

Now, I saw the trailer on this sucker not too long ago and it definitely looks like it might well qualify for creepy status.  Especially when we discover that any reflective surface qualifies as a mirror for purpose of this movie…including water.  So the synopsis makes things even scarier as, apparently, there’s some kind of evil force in the world on the other side of our own, and said evil force is using mirrors to try and get into our own world.

This is actually a fairly scary thought—looking in the mirror, and seeing yourself, only different, isn’t exactly a comfortable thought to share over Sunday morning coffee.  Worse yet if that mirror image starts talking back to you…oh yeah, tell me that doesn’t have you a bit freaked out.

And with plenty of terror hottie juice to keep things rolling, well, we’re probably in for a cool treat this August.