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Catching Pink Eye at the Video Store May Never Be This Much Fun Again

(Raine Brown)

Remember back in the day when the biggest thing to worry about was a little disease called Pink Eye?  Well, your childhood fears are realized in the upcoming film of the same name, looking to make its way into our collective unconsciousness late September.

Currently, Halo-8, the company that now owns Pink Eye lock, stock and boxtop is planning a “limited theatrical release” this summer and a DVD run for everyone else September 30th– which, of course, translates literally as “you’re probably going to see it on DVD”.

Secret drug testing is the order of the day at an insane asylum gone all Arkham-y on us, and the inmates are about to burst of the asylum doped to the gills with experimental wowie-sauce.  Needless to say, those that do escape pose a serious threat to the community at large, and one of the escapees will manage to land square in a small town.

Havoc will, of course, ensue, followed by a light lunch.

Starring experienced terror hotties Melissa Bacelar, Zoe Daelman Chlanda, Raine Brown, and occasionally Alan Rowe Kelly (whose work I’ve been covering since Heretic dumped a copy of I’ll Bury You Tomorrow in my lap and is probably getting a kick out of being called a terror hottie as he’s frequently playing female roles in full crossdress), we should have plenty to look forward to.


(Melissa Bacelar)