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Drive Angry Gets Huge Terror Hottie Boost

I didn’t want to bring this one up just yet, because while there is a lot of great horror potential here, I wasn’t sure just how much terror hottie potential there would be. But now, I’m happy to report that I can finally talk about Drive Angry because recent casting announcements have made it clear that there will be a fantastic terror hottie presence here in the person of Amber Heard.

Yes, she’ll be joining Nicholas Cage, among others, in the upcoming Summit film that puts Cage in the role of angry dad and grandpa as he’s off to find the man who killed his daughter and kidnapped his baby granddaughter.

Needless to say, giving a dad and grandpa a reason for some serious road rage means that we’re going to be in for a bloody high-octane good time.? We’ll have a while to wait, though, until we get to see how this comes out.? But the release date has been announced, and it’ll be in theaters February 2011.

Amber Heard’s FHM Spread

(Amber Heard)

One, I was actually kind of surprised to hear that lad mag extraordinaire FHM was actually still publishing.  Two, no less than Amber Heard is actually making an appearance in it this month.  Amber Heard is becoming a fairly new but fully qualified terror hottie, and I’ll tell you this much, her photos are looking pretty good.

In case you’re wondering where you’ve heard that name before, she was just spotted in the recent remake of The Stepfather, and she’ll also be showing up in John Carpenter’s triumphant return to horror (it’s been a while, let’s be honest), The Ward.

I’m pretty happy, myself, about the way her career has been going.  There’s lots of awesome stuff available for her, and she’s taking full advantage of it.  I hope her career carries on for some time to come.

John Carpenter’s Back–And He Brought Danielle Panabaker

(Amber Heard)

Believe me, the fact that John Carpenter is still working is a big shiny ball of joy for me, and the fact that he’s keeping the terror hotties in play–like Danielle Panabaker and Amber Heard–can only make things better. A new theatrical release for Carpenter and company, that starts shooting sometime in July, makes this a full-on trifecta of good news.

And when you lock Heard and Panabaker in a mental institution to play out a series of rivalries whilst a mysterious girl wanders the institution at night, well, you know it’s got to be trademark Carpenter.

My first thought when I heard this one was that it sounded like some kind of weird hybrid of The Craft and In The Mouth of Madness, which sounds like a mindblowing peanut butter cup of epic proportions. It’ll be a good long wait before we can lay eyes on it, however–it’s still only just starting shooting.

Carpenter Coming Back, And He’s Brought the Whole Heard

Amber Heard has been a busy, busy terror hottie lately, and she’s tacked on another title to her steadily growing repetoire.  But what separates this from the common herd is that it’s the next John Carpenter.

That’s right, folks–Amber Heard’s joined the cast on John Carpenter’s next movie, Ward.  She’ll be locked in a mental ward and terrorized by a ghost the whole time.  Now THAT sounds awesome, especially with Carpenter at the helm.

Now I don’t know about you, but we’ve had a glut of ghost stories lately.  Between The Uninvited, The Unborn, and now this among plenty of others it seems like the ghost story market has been pretty well packed.  But let’s not forget…this is JOHN CARPENTER we’re talking about here.  As long as there’s not a whole lot of executive meddling involved, we’ve got a great chance at this turning out well. Especially with Amber Heard involved.

Amber Heard Joins Zombieland Cast

(Amber Heard)

More cast news about the upcoming Zombieland!  It was already pretty big when Emma Stone was involved, but now we’ve got Amber Heard involved!

There is a down side to this news, however, as Amber’s role is apparently only to be a brief cameo rather than a full-on role with lots of dialogue, but I guess the old saying is true.  Any Heard is Good Heard.  Oh…wait. That’s not an old saying.  No one says that but me.

Ah well, the basic thought remains!  Besides; any time you can get Woody Harrelson in a movie in which zombies have overrun the earth, you know you’re well on your way to an absolutely epic win of a movie.  Especially when you tack on the sheer amount of terror hottie involved in this one.  All that added together suggests that Zombieland should be one to watch when it finally gets out–no word on release dates yet, sadly–probably largely owing to the fact that we’re still CASTING it.

Mandy Lane May Be More Dangerous Than the Boys Think

Amber Heard provides the titular terror hottie in the upcoming All the Boys Like Mandy Lane, a film that looks to at least pack some interest into its borders, and not just for the terror hottie joy, either.

Apparently, the title character was a good girl who got hot over the summer, as most of us remember some girls doing back in high school.  It’s really downright amazing sometimes how that sort of thing happens, but that’s somewhat beside the point.  Anyway, the newly hot Mandy Lane is invited out to a party on a secluded ranch for the weekend, but when she gets there, the guest list starts to shrink unexpectedly.

Because it’s described as an “eighties-style slasher”, and also because I’m talking about it here, you’ve probably figured out just why the guest list is rapidly falling from “rave” to “the kind of party your parents would actually LET you have” in short order, and it’s not because people got sick off the bean dip.

Currently planned for an August 2008 release, but already having suffered last minute rejection, we might be getting a look at just why all the boys like Mandy Lane soon enough.