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TIFF To Premiere Chained, Anchor Bay Has US Distro

Interesting news to come out, folks, as we’ve got word about Chained, a project laden with terror hotties. And the best part about this project is that they’re not just in front of the camera, but quite clearly behind it as well.

Featuring Julia Ormond in front of the camera, and Jennifer Lynch behind handling direction, Chained follows a serial killer who one day tries a new form of crime, kidnapping a nine year old boy. The boy finds himself in the killer’s clutches for years, and now discovers that the only way to survive is to act just like the killer who’s calling himself the boy’s father. But can the boy escape before he too becomes a killer?

Shades of Bereavement on that one, and hopefully this will turn out more like Malevolence than Bereavement. As for a release date, we have a general one so far, with a release planned for early 2012.

I’m hopeful that this one will do all right, even if it’s a video release instead of full theatrical, but this could be a pretty nice package if it turns out well. But considering the terror hottie loadout here, well, it’s looking pretty good.

Jennifer Lynch Comes Back For More

It’s nice to know that terror hottie director Jennifer Lynch isn’t letting any grass grow under her feet following her recent foray into Asian folklore with Hisss.  In fact, she’s coming out with Surveillance this June, featuring the highly underused Bill Pullman and newfound terror hottie Julia Ormond.

The somewhat familiar plot revolves around two federal agents who are investigating a string of murders, and have three eyewitness’ testimonies to consider: those of a fanatic cop, a drug addict and an eight year old girl.  Just when you think the case couldn’t get any more obscured, we find out that each of the witness’ stories have a lot of similarities, along with a host of differences. Where are the common threads…and where is the truth?

Sounds like a great follow up piece, really, one I’m definitely looking forward to.

Jennifer Lynch Makes a Snake Woman Terror Hottie

If you’re familiar with the works of David Lynch at all—Eraserhead was really just the start of a long, strange trip—you’ll be terribly enthused to know that he’s got a daughter, and she’s followed in daddy’s footsteps to become a terror hottie in her own right, directing the upcoming Nagin.

Already Lynch the younger has drawn two major Bollywood figures to her camp, and is poised to unleash on us a film about women who are half snake.  Also included in the terror hottie roster is Mallika Sherawat, who’ll be handling the snake woman duties.

Better yet, horror legend Robert Kurtzman and his Precinct 13 Creature Crew are on board to handle the effects work, which all but guarantees the snake-human morphing scenes will look more realistic than the last time you saw a woman turn into a half-snake.

All of which adds up to be compelling as all hell, and definitely one to watch.