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Janet Montgomery Talks Wrong Turn 3

(Janet Montgomery)

So the massive ill-advised debacle to be that is Wrong Turn 3 is apparently still going strong, but at least they’ve got a nice terror hottie presence involved.  Images have been making the rounds that give me little hope for this new production, and a recent interview has been released about the film with Janet Montgomery, who’ll be playing a girl named Fonda, stuck between a group of prisoners and a passel of good ole boys gone horribly awry who’ll probably be killing said prisoners.

Montgomery describes her role as a “feisty “ and “fun” character, as well as being a “tougher female role”, who is the lone survivor of an attack by backwoods classic Three Finger (as opposed to Six Tooth, Fourteen Toes, and Ear Growing Out Of Her Forehead) that kills her friends in mid-whitewater rafting.  From there, she runs into the woods and runs into the prisoners, which is probably only slightly more preferable to running into Three Finger and the crew.

You can look for this one on video store shelves this fall, because there’s not a chance in blood-gutted pus-spewing hell that this wreck will go to theatres.

Someone Took One, All Right.


Oh boy. This is a ragingly bad idea and I can’t believe that I’m talking about it, but still—you know I’m an absolute sucker for terror hotties and this one will have them.

Though it really doesn’t make me feel any better about discussing it—and I’m talking here about Wrong Turn 3.

I can hear your groans of misery and woe from my well-appointed writing chamber, and believe me, I sympathize. Hell, I empathize—after all, the first one wasn’t half bad and gave us fun with Eliza Dushku. The second one was much less entertaining, and now we’re down to the third one, where our terror hottie du jour is Janet Montgomery and we’re following around some mutant named Three Finger.

Like I said, ragingly bad idea. I mean, come on…THREE FINGER? Seriously. Three Finger. And could we get nothing better in terror hottie standards than Janet Montgomery? Was that the best we could do? Oh, I suppose it was, being as it’s WRONG TURN 3 and all. And we’ll get to find out just how bad a sinkhole this one turns out to be sometime in 2009.

The Hills Run Red With Terror Hottie Joy


(Sophie Monk)

Just on its merry way into the post-production phase is the upcoming horror bash The Hills Run Red, featuring terror hotties Sophie Monk and Janet Montgomery.

Okay, I’ll say up front that I usually enjoy Dark Castle Films productions, and the fact that The Hills Run Red is in fact from Dark Castle makes me feel a bit better despite the fact that the film was shot entirely on location in Bulgaria, a tactic that horrible Full Moon productions have been using for years.

The synopsis, meanwhile, is a bit more encouraging—a film buff like the rest of us is apparently out to find a complete print of a long-lost slasher film, and his quest takes him and his two friends into a heavily wooded area where the film was shot.  Only too late do they discover that filming never really ended, and now they have to survive to make the final cut…or be part of the film forever.

Which I confess at least sounds nifty on the surface.  It could at least be entertaining, and knowing Dark Castle, they probably went over the top on just about everything, and that’s seldom a bad thing.  Now that it’s just schlepped into post, we could be seeing a complete cut possibly in time for Halloween.  Maybe.

(Sophie Monk)