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Whole Pack of Terror Hotties In Pearblossom

Well, it’s not actually CALLED Pearblossom any more–it’s called Life Blood, and it’s packed to the gills with terror hotties of every stripe.  Sophie Monk, Anya Lahiri, Angela Lindvall, Electra Avellan AND Scout Taylor-Compton all join in on this one.

I’ll let you recover from that whopping great list for a second and give you the rundown on Life Blood’s plot.  It really IS a much better title than Pearblossom, isn’t it?  Anyway, this features a lesbian couple out for a drive on the Pearblossom Highway, when they find themselves face to face with God.  God, for some reason, has decided to look like a lingerie model.  Anyway, the women are knocked into a forty year coma, and when they wake up, they find themselves locked in the eternal struggle of good and evil…though even they aren’t all that sure which side they’re on.

This will definitely be one of the strangest and most unique horror flicks we’ve seen in some time, and interestingly enough, will be going to video in just a few short months.  Later this year is the slated release date–but keep it here for the latest news.

The Hills Run Red With Terror Hottie Joy


(Sophie Monk)

Just on its merry way into the post-production phase is the upcoming horror bash The Hills Run Red, featuring terror hotties Sophie Monk and Janet Montgomery.

Okay, I’ll say up front that I usually enjoy Dark Castle Films productions, and the fact that The Hills Run Red is in fact from Dark Castle makes me feel a bit better despite the fact that the film was shot entirely on location in Bulgaria, a tactic that horrible Full Moon productions have been using for years.

The synopsis, meanwhile, is a bit more encouraging—a film buff like the rest of us is apparently out to find a complete print of a long-lost slasher film, and his quest takes him and his two friends into a heavily wooded area where the film was shot.  Only too late do they discover that filming never really ended, and now they have to survive to make the final cut…or be part of the film forever.

Which I confess at least sounds nifty on the surface.  It could at least be entertaining, and knowing Dark Castle, they probably went over the top on just about everything, and that’s seldom a bad thing.  Now that it’s just schlepped into post, we could be seeing a complete cut possibly in time for Halloween.  Maybe.

(Sophie Monk)