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School Bus Terror With Alive or Dead

(Ann Henson)

As a former member of a high school marching band and recovering tuba player, I understand school bus rides.  I understand them a lot more intimately than most people, and thus I understand why they make good horror movie fodder.

The movie Alive or Dead must have been written by other school bus survivors, because they definitely got the idea too.  Starring a huge list of terror hotties including Ann Henson, Angelica Magana, and Gretchen Busenitz, Alive or Dead is about a grim discovery; an abandoned school bus with the phrase “HELP ME” written in one of the windows and a whole lot of nasty surprises in the back.  The killer responsible for said nasty surprises returns for the bus and takes its discoverer along for a ride back to the middle of a desert.  Thus, our intrepid school bus finder and some other survivors must work together to escape a madman.

Definitely a strange idea, and at least somewhat unique, Alive or Dead is definitely one to have on hand for those long bus rides.