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Enough Terror Hottie To Thaw An Iceberg


(Steph Song)

Rejoice, o terror hottie buffs, as ole Papa Steve comes bearing a load of good news!  Yeah, I’m riffing a little bit on Christmas imagery but it’s July…it’s cool.  Anyway, what I’ve got for you this go-round is The Thaw, a film about horrible prehistoric parasites living in what’s left of a woolly mammoth in a melting ice cap.  Before this prehistoric superflu can burst forth, a group of ecology students must try and stop it.  As they grow infected with the Cold That Time Forgot, they discover that the only way out is to start burning…everything.  Even themselves.

All this is appropriately freaky, sounds like it might be downright entertaining, and includes a laundry list of terror hotties like War’s Steph Song, Black Christmas’ Anne Marie DeLuise, and Martha MacIssac.

The bad news is this is still classified as “in filming”, so the chances of us seeing it this year are somewhat slim at best.  But it makes 2009 all the brighter for the waiting!

(Steph Song / Martha MacIssac)