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Victoria De Mare Coming Back For An Intervention

An intervention, you ask?  What’s she ON exactly, anyway.  Oh, it’s not for her—see, one of our personal favorite terror hotties has a whole new movie coming soon, and it’s called George’s Intervention.

George, you see, is a zombie.  And his friends are out to get him to kick the human flesh habit by enrolling in “zombie rehab”.  But the intervention won’t go quite according to plan….

I know, I’ve never heard of a zombie movie like this either.  And with Victoria De Mare involved you know it’s going to be an interesting time.  The combination of choice terror hottie and unique plotline has my interest positively piqued.  When will we get to see this one?  Not sure, frankly—the only release date I could find out was “sometime in 2009”.  And this looks like a release so small it may only go direct to video or cruise the festival circuit.  But when I find out more, you know you’ll be next to know, so keep it right here.

Victoria de Mare Back In Rare Film

As if Spark Riders weren’t enough, Victoria de Mare will be giving me even more reason to look forward to releases by teaming up with Debbie Rochon and the spectacular Tiffany Shepis in the first H.G. Lewis movie in six years.

It’s called Blood De Madam: The Fallen Ones, and it keeps the plot under pretty tight wraps thus far (I’ve found nothing resembling a synopsis yet).  It’s also definitely got me wondering.

H.G. Lewis’s body of work is concentrated almost exclusively before 1980.  Reading through his filmography on the IMDB basically shows a clean terminator between when he worked and when he didn’t.  Aside from one other title, Blood De Madam: The Fallen Ones would be his first title in almost thirty years.

It’s enough to make me wonder why he’s coming out with a movie at this stage of the game.  He’s regarded as something like a legend in the filmmaking game but he’s been out of play for almost the last thirty years.  I confess to some interest at this point—how can I not? It was like when Romero came back!—but also to some trepidation.  Thirty years of time have changed the landscape of horror filmmaking considerably.  Does he have a script that can handle the changes?  We’ll have to wait and see.

Victoria de Mare Rides the Lightning

Victoria de Mare, one of our personal favorite terror hotties out here, is going to be pretty busy these days.  One of her newest titles is a science fiction romp being called “Spark Riders”.

The plotline is simple enough—August Haynes develops telepresence technology, allowing people to uproot their souls (or consciousnesses if you’re not a religious sort) and place them onto the internet.  The first major use of this technology allows burn victims to exit their bodies and play around online whilst their bodies heal, but this kind of technology draws more than its share of illicit interest, and thus August’s idea is stolen.

Considering the ramifications of such technology opens enough opportunities to make it its own subgenre.  I’m usually leery around low-budget science fiction—normally it requires some serious special effects to make advanced technology look appropriately realistic and that’s about the last thing low-budget filmmaking can handle.  But the idea is definitely sound, and that’s got me looking forward to Spark Riders just to see how they execute the whole thing.

Victoria De Mare in Bio-Slime

 (Victoria De Mare in Bio-Slime)

Okay, somebody had the good graces to call to my attention the film Bio Slime, starring the ever-luscious terror hottie Victoria De Mare, and I confess, it’s got a lot going for it from the look of it.

Now, granted, this is never going to be anyone’s idea of high art, but it still looks like it could be a good time. Like I said, it’s got one choice terror hottie in it already. There’s also some terror hottie in the supporting cast, including Alien Abduction’s briefly-seen Micol Bartolucci, not to mention Kelli Kaye and Gia Paloma. Better still, there’s a lot of comparison between it and some serious names like “The Evil Dead” and “Dead Alive”, two of my personal fave horror flicks with more of their share of black comedy involved.

And of course, we can’t forget the inevitable comparisons to classic-era popcorn flick (the remake wasn’t half bad, either!) The Blob. The Blob carries a lot of mojo, mostly because the concept of a carnivorous mass of goo has been around for at least fifty years.

So we can definitely look forward to Bio Slime, packed with terror hotties and goo and splatter for all!