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The Sitter Isn’t Alright


Parents who go out for the evening and leave their kids in the care of others take a pretty big chance.  Not that licensing requirements and such don’t go a long way to help, but I’m talking about those other kinds of “others”—namely, babysitters.  And The Sitter is just going to reinforce my concerns.

Featuring terror hotties Gail O’Grady and Mariana Klaveno The Sitter is all about that search for the perfect live-in nanny.  O’Grady and film hubby believe they’ve found it in Abby Reed, a lady who’s almost too good to be true.  And, as Abby becomes more and more a part of the household, friends and neighbors begin to get suspicious.  As their suspicions grow, so too does the body count grow.  This all builds to a climax in which we find out Abby Reed is on a mission…a mission that won’t end until she’s got her revenge.

Done to death, but still freaky–if you’re not reminded a little bit of The Hand that Rocks The Cradle then you probably need to see it again.  And you can catch up with a somewhat underserved (of late) subgenre with The Sitter, currently in video stores.

(Gail O’Grady)

(Mariana Klaveno)