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Still More Argento Fun With Terror Hotties


And once again, from out of nowhere comes the return of some aging Argento fun in the form of Tenebre, fun which features several fantastic terror hotties including Mirella D’Angelo, Daria Nicolodi, and Isabella Amadeo, among plenty of others.

Argento’s Tenebre came hot on the heels of other hits like Suspiria and Inferno, and introduced us to an American author on a book signing and promotional tour in Rome, where his mystery novel managed to inspire a copycat serial killer.  The killer then engages in harassing the author while messily killing everyone involved with the book.

I’ll confess that I find Argento’s work to be a bit of a mixed bag.  Oh, sure, I liked Demons and The Card Player, but Trauma and The Church left me more than a little cold. Frankly, his work is almost a coin flip at best, and mostly reserved not for horror movie buffs but for thriller buffs, which is almost but not quite the same thing.

A cult film by no uncertain terms, and packed with terror hottie joy, Tenebre should still be well worth your time to watch.