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The Chair: Easy.

I actually liked recent Lionsgate release “The Chair”.  A delicate combinator of freaky and fun, it had some interesting premises going on, and managed not to be so obscure as to ruin everyone’s good time.

Basically, a psychology student who’s just recently started on antipsychotic meds, sublets a house that just happens to have a dark past and a ghost involved.  The ghost starts to sublimate itself into the psych student’s normal course of events, and soon, she finds herself losing control to the horror inside her.

Okay, sure…the whole “immortal hypnotist from just to the left of beyond the grave” aspect of The Chair doesn’t exactly sit well, but if your suspension of disbelief engines are in good repair you’ll be able to gloss over that relatively small fault with little trouble.

That and it definitely doesn’t hurt to feature TWO, count ‘em, two terror hotties in the form of Alanna Chisholm and Lauren Roy, but it’s the solid performances of the two along with a nicely-done script that leaves The Chair faring pretty well.