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Stump The Band Might End Up Being Unpleasant

Ellen Fox becomes our terror hottie du jour as Stump The Band makes its way onto video, for better or for worse.

Check out this synopsis I found on Bloody Disgusting and you’ll get a good idea of what I’m talking about:

For most musicians the road can be hell. But for a sexy all female rock band touring their way across America the road just became their worst nightmare! On their way to a record company showcase in Los Angeles their van breaks down somewhere in the wilds of Wisconsin. Soon they’ll have to fight for their lives against a trio of back road psychos one of whom wields a mean axe to satisfy a murderous foot fetish.

When all Bloody Disgusting has to say about a movie is “This one is way worse than you’re imagining right now.  Really way worse!”, you know it’s a bad sign.  Really way bad sign.  Seriously, it almost sounds like torture porn from where I sit so far, torture porn writ so downright large that you could use it to signal passing aircraft.  Of course, most aircraft will probably shy way from the guy waving the enormous “Torture porn down here!” sign, but still–they’d definitely see it.