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Shark Swarm! Yes! Sharks! And They Swarm!


Heather McComb gives us yet another Maneater series of morons battling nature with Shark Swarm, a movie that really makes me long for those long-ago titles that used to only make it as far as TV before getting released to video.

Shark Swarm, meanwhile, is about a set of sharks that run afoul of questionable land developments that cause, not surprisingly, mutation.  This mutation makes sharks insane and bloodthirsty, and when an unheard-of pack of great whites moves into the shores surrounding the land development, all hell breaks loose.

No, seriously…it does.  For crying out loud, we’re talking hyperbole beyond all hyperbole here; that swarm of sharks is forty strong.  Forty insane, sadistic great white sharks–if you live near the ocean this thought has just sent you running for the second floor of your house.

Though the Maneater series is never well executed–by now they’re probably running out of animals to turn into deranged killing machines–it’s still interesting enough to talk about.