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Manson Girls Jammed Full Of Terror Hotties

Oh man, folks, if you want a substantial shot of terror hottie joy all in one convenient place, then you’ll be thoroughly amazed by what you get out of Manson Girls, which is finally going to the shooting stage.

Featuring a laundry list of terror hotties–Susanna Lo on the production end, backed up by Taryn Manning, Tania Raymonde, Monica Keena, Stella Maeve and Estella Warren in front of the camera, Manson Girls follows the story of how the various girls in the “Manson Family” came to follow Charles Manson, who, despite his best parole-seeking efforts to the contrary, is currently serving a life sentence in a prison in California.

I’ve never been very fond of movies about actual serial killers–always strikes me as being in poor taste–but you never know; this one may be good. And since they’ve just started shooting, there’s no word as yet on a release date. So keep it right here for all the latest!

Night of the Demons Only Getting Hotter

(Shannon Elizabeth)

There’s no two ways to put it, kids—the Night of the Demons remake is ramping up and it will raise the blood pressures of terror hottie fans across the planet.  Recent announcements in the cast list show two major new joins to the cast list—namely, Shannon Elizabeth and Monica Keena.

Now, we all know Shannon Elizabeth.  And Monica Keena is commonly known as the “cleavage chick of horror”, so one thing is abundantly clear—no matter what other news comes to light in the next several days, Night of the Demons is going to be absolutely laden with terror hotties.

Though I do find myself skeptical—Monica Keena’s horror chops are at least acknowledgeable—Freddy Vs. Jason may not have been much of a horror flick but it certainly was one.  Meanwhile, I’m hard pressed to remember a single horror flick Shannon Elizabeth was even in.  And so was the IMDB until it gave up just two: Thirteen Ghosts and Cursed.  That’s it.  No wonder I couldn’t remember anything she was in—she spent Thirteen Ghosts screaming and occasionally getting her top ripped off by the Jackal (the sign of Hell’s winter, they relentlessly added for some reason) and was involved in quite possibly Wes Craven’s low water mark, which considering his career is just amazing that we can pick one.  Without the addition of someone with some real horror movie cred, this does not bode well for the Night of the Demons remake.

(Monica Keena)

Pinhead Was Supposed To Cameo In Freddy Vs. Jason??


Anybody else remember Monica Keena, the sweet terror hottie who gave us another reason to watch Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees wail on each other in possibly one of the greatest fight sequences ever?

What you may not be aware of on that movie is there was an unproduced ending that the writers wanted but simply were unable to do.  Check out the dialogue from Bloody Disgusting’s interview and see for yourself:

“Pinhead was originally involved in one of the ending,” co-writer Marcus Swift tells us. “There were a lot of different endings that we wrote for FREDDY VS JASON, but Pinhead was in one of them.”

His partner is crime Damian Shannon reveals what they wrote for that ending. “Yeah, the Pinhead ending was where – they [Freddy Krueger and   Jason Voorhees] both get pulled down to hell at the end and they are   still trying to battle. Pinhead comes out and separates them with   chains and it’s sort of a ‘gentlemen, what seems to be the problem’   moment.”

Which I confess likely would’ve been better than the there’s-probably-gonna-be-a-sequel-maybe ending of Freddy winking, but the legal issues probably would have been nothing short of a nightmare not even Freddy would want to tackle.