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Sticker Line Goes Supercritical Mass Huge

The news is still early yet, but coming out on the order of eventually will be a title to possibly start the career of an embryonic terror hottie, or possibly, require the voice work of a current terror hottie to complete–no one’s all that sure yet. But what is sure is that a movie featuring comic book character / anti-conformity heroine / unintenional feminist icon / sticker figure Emily the Strange will be coming out at some point.

Thanks to Dark Horse’s carte blanche deal to make films from its comic titles with Universal, they’ve now got pretty much free rein to make whatever movies they feel like. Guess the whole Hellboy thing did them a whole lot of good. But anyway, an Emily the Strange movie isn’t far off, and this makes me somewhat happy. I enjoyed the books that came out involving her and her cats not too long ago, and it’s definitely good to see that a skateboarder who just wanted some stickers made it big with a hot property.

The Emily the Strange movie has no director yet, nor casting data, nor release date, so this is earliest rumor-mill stuff at its finest. Huge changes may come at any time, so keep your eyes front and I’ll tell you all about it when I know something to tell.