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Claire Danes Terminated–Bryce Howard To Replace

For a little while there, we could count Claire Danes as a terror hottie, what with her involvement in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and then her slated involvement in Terminator: Salvation, but no longer.  The lovely Claire Danes has been ejected from Terminator: Salvation due to a scheduling conflict and the role has been taken up by Bryce Dallas Howard.

Which I confess leaves me a little cold.  Being a fella who came of age in the nineties I’m amply familiar with Claire Danes and her so-called life but Bryce Dallas Howard is a little different.  I had to trot over to the IMDB to find out what she was even in because nothing sprang to mind readily.  Then I found out she was in both “The Village” and “Spider-Man 3″ and that explained everything.

I couldn’t remember her because all her roles were crap roles from the deepest, blackest crap movies ever unleashed on man.  The third installment of a franchise that jumped the shark midway through the first one and a classic exhibition from the start of M. Night Shyamalan’s Gigantic Disappointment period aren’t exactly promotional bell-ringers.

As to how Bryce Dallas Howard will comport herself in this one, well, only time will tell but I’m not expecting much.  This, I suppose, gives her an opportunity to blow all our minds wide open but the only thing I’m expecting to blow is my lunch.  Pack a garbage bag because this one opens May 22, 2009.