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The Cell 2–Making Even Less Sense Than the First

When “The Cell” first came out, I was somewhat nonplussed. It was a little too “visually stunning” at the cost of having what the industry refers to as a “coherent plotline”, so it fell on my Meh pile without a whole lot of ceremony.  They tried and they failed, they had me and they lost me, pick your pejorative.  Well, now they’re going to try it again with the appropriately named “The Cell 2″.

Featuring terror hottie Tessie Santiago among others, it’s the story of Maya,  a psychic investigator on the trail of a superpowered serial killer named The Cusp who kills his victims over and over and over again by bringing them back to life, probably in their minds, making him some kind of superpowered and even more sadistic Freddy Krueger.  The interesting part?  Tessie was The Cusp’s first victim, and she got her psychic powers following a one-year coma she found herself in after her encounter with The Cusp.

It should not surprise anyone that this little fellow is going direct to video when it’s finally released–just when, we don’t yet know, but I’m not in any rush to see it.