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New Trailer for Julie Delpy Pic

Man, I’m really getting into the whole Julie Delpy as Countess Bathory concept, because I just caught the newest trailer released for this one, and frankly, it’s nothing short of awesome.

The movie itself is a sort of retelling of the classic Countess Bathory story, as a woman who loved, lost, loaned a metric ton of cash to a sitting king and eventually went so insane that she began bathing in the blood of virgins in an attempt to retain her youthful looks.  This may well be the freakiest kind of horror flick—the kind that might well have happened.  See, I can believe there was some fourteenth century chick who said, man, I’ve got some wicked crows feet—but how do I solve them?  I know—I’ll soak in virgin blood!  My mother used to do something similar except she’d do it with rats.

See what I mean?  HUGELY plausible.  And between that and the sweet trailer, well, I’m looking forward to this one, even if there’s no word on release dates. I’ll keep you posted though, so keep it here.

Julie Delpy’s Blood Bath

Julie Delpy’s come back to take another crack at a terror hottie state of mind by getting involved with The Countess, a promo trailer for which was just released at Cannes.  It is indeed about the Countess Bathory who went completely wackjob nuts at a young age and spent her time bathing in the blood of virgins to keep herself from getting prematurely old–the actual synopsis is huge and detailed–and will detail her life and marriage and descent into madness and ultimately death.

Many of you are right reaching for pitchforks and torches because you remember a little movie called Stay Alive in which the blood-bathing Countess reared her ugly head and Frankie Muniz once again proved that he can’t make a movie unless his role calls for him to play the only part he knows–a weaselly little smartass who relates much better to machines than people just like he’s played since Malcolm In the Middle finally boiled off into its inevitable syndication.

But I advise calm–a movie that actually looks like it’ll come within spitting distance of historical accuracy has to be at least somewhat good if for the sheer novelty factor alone.