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Did You Blink? You Missed New Daughter!

(Ivana Baquero)

This one snuck up on a whole lot of people–apparently Anchor Bay pulled a stealth theatrical release of its new thriller New Daughter, which is also, by the way, the first Kevin Costner movie in a LONG time.

Featuring Ivana Baquero as the (soon to be) terror hottie of note (you know our policy, folks, no one under eighteen gets to be a terror hottie, and Baquero is only sixteen this June), this one features Costner as a beleaguered single father who moves his two children to a house in the country following a particularly nasty divorce.  And things seem all right as the new family settles in, until the adolescent daughter, Baquero, starts acting strangely, and the house itself finds itself shaken by unsettling events.

Maybe the real estate guy should’ve mentioned that there’s a huge mound at the edge of the forest near the house….

So anyway, if you missed the theatrical release on this one, and it’s entirely possible, keep your eyes front because chances are a DVD release won’t be far behind.

Gold Circle Gives Scary Costner A Scarier New Daughter

Ivana Baquero teams up with Kevin Costner to give us some terror hottie goodness in Gold Circle’s upcoming film “The New Daughter”.

Following a nasty divorce, John James (played by Costner) takes his two children to a little house in the country.  I sympathize, myself–I LIVE in a little house in the country and it can be plenty nice as long as you can deal with the sheer amount of boring involved and the crippling gas prices invoked to get a decent meal you didn’t cook yourself.  But anyway, when James and the James children reach the country, James’ daughter (Ivana Baquero) starts acting strangely, and the house experiences the run of bizarre events.  The elder James, meanwhile, suspects that a mound at the edge of the nearby forest has something to do with her bizarre behavior and if they use the phrase “Indian burial mound” anywhere in this movie I WILL throw popcorn at the screen.

Indian ghosts, as a whole, have been scapegoats for damn near every possible problem in horror movies. They possess people, they haunt houses, they kidnap people–about the only thing they haven’t done is open a casino.  And that would probably be a cool movie–Casino Morte Royale.  But I digress ever so slightly–I confess that I don’t trust anything with the Costner name on it since I sat through his bumbling overblown misery that was The Postman, but this may be different.  Costner’s horror career is slim at best; Mr. Brooks and Dragonfly only barely qualify.  So it may be that this could turn out good–we’ll find out in 2009 as “The New Daughter” is currently in post.