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Eden Lake Not A Sight As Pretty As Its Terror Hottie Count

The Weinsteins are back for more wrong fun in “Eden Lake”, a film that proves these morons probably should get out of horror filmmaking before they embarrass themselves any further.

Kelly Reilly stars as a nursery school teacher named Jenny who goes out with her boyfriend for a romantic getaway weekend at the titular Eden Lake.  Her boyfriend, Steve, has an ulterior motive for this getaway–he’s planning to propose.  Now, before you get to thinking that this just couldn’t be more ideal, well, it only goes downhill from there as a gang of obnoxious kids swoops in, vandalizing Steve and Jenny’s car, stealing their stuff and leaving them completely stranded.

Steve, of course, not wanting to look like a total pansy in front of his new fiancee, confronts the kids, who then proceed to make him look like a total pansy in front of his new fiancee by beating the crap out of him.  Jenny runs for help, pursued by the evil little children, and returns to town only to discover that the town is occupied by the parents of said evil little children.

If you think that sounds familiar, don’t panic–you’re not having some kind of stroke.  It’s indeed familiar because it’s been done several times before in any of a multitude of different ways.  In fact, the recent release of The Strangers has a nearly identical plot in a smaller environment.  So I’m not too enthused about this newest Weinstein stinkbomb waiting to happen, but with Kelly Reilly around, it should at least offer a decent performance for someone desperate enough to try it.