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Laura Dern Back For More Dino-Punching Fun

Laura Dern, despite all logic and good common sense, will apparently be returning for a fourth installation of Jurassic Park.  Now, I know that a lot of you are reaching for antacids or pain medication or maybe just a revolver to put an end to things lest you live long enough to see yet another iteration of Jurassic Freaking Park but before you do, well, stick around.

Strangely, there will be no return of Sam Neill, which I find somewhat baffling as the man’s career is pretty sparse up until he played Cardinal Thomas Wolsey in HBO’s “The Tudors”, but I guess that’s really his own lookout, that and inexplicably he appears to be neck deep in about eight different roles right now.  Seriously, his career was pretty much flat until “The Tudors” and then it just shot through the roof.

But anyway, this is about Laura Dern and Jurassic Park 4.  Yes, it does exist, and it’s slated for a 2009 release.  No official plot information has been released, but apparently, anyone who was hoping that velociraptors would learn how to work shotguns in this one will be sadly disappointed because that would have been just brutally fucking cool.