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Frat House Massacre: Bringing Back the Worst in Horror

(Lisa DiCicco)

Brace yourselves, kids–we’re going back to those horrible days of the seventies with the upcoming Frat House Massacre.  The seventies were, by all accounts, a real canker sore of a decade (I think I once overheard Doonesbury’s Garry Trudeau describe it as a kidney stone of a decade, but either way it’s both painful and annoying.)  so it never fails to perplex holy hell out of me why we keep going back there.

Anyway, this cheesy little romp features three separate terror hotties in the making, Niki Notarile, Lisa DiCicco and Bethany Taylor, who will probably be forced to dress and wear their hair in horrible and utterly unappealing seventies styles, which as you all are plenty aware went out of style before they were actually released.

Though I do find myself seriously drawn to this film for one major reason (aside from the sheer terror hottie overload)–it’s slated to be helmed by Alex Pucci, whose previous work includes the absolutely kickass Camp Slaughter. So maybe, just maybe, there’s some hope for this one after all.

(Niki Notarile)