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Three words: Lesbian. Vampire. Killers.

(Silvia Colloca)

Telling you about this should earn me some kind of medal, really.

Our friends across the pond, over in England, have done a whole lot of comic horror films over the years.  Evil Aliens, the always-popular Shaun of the Dead…and now, for all the single male horror buffs out there, I give you:

Lesbian.  Vampire.  Killers.

By the time you read this, principal photography will have already begun back on Monday, May 17th, and just the title alone should have you interested.  But just in case, here’s a plot synopsis:

Two guys find themselves stuck in a village where every woman therein has been enslaved by a vampire curse.  Lesbianism will also apparently be involved.  Thus, the two guys will become the titular Lesbian Vampire Killers and kill a whole lot of lesbian vampires.  Since it’s two guys, it’s not as though THEY can be the lesbians, you know.

Release date?  Who knows—they just started shooting.

Now where’s my medal?