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Eileen Dietz’s Shadowy Within

Here’s an interesting little newsy bit for you, o my readership—there’s a tiny little indie film getting fired up for a slated start date of Spring 2009.  Chances are, by now you’re wondering why I’m bothering to tell you about something that won’t even get underway for another year almost, but there’s a good reason.

The big news about this is the sheer amount of genre veterans that have been tapped to show up in this long-awaited title, called Shadows Within.  Shadows Within, you see, will have as part of its cast Courtney Gains, Harvey Stephens, and terror hottie Eileen Dietz.

If you don’t recognize these names, you may well recognize their roles—Courtney Gains was the original Malachi in Children of the Corn.  You remember him, right?  The guy who almost pulled Linda Hamilton’s hair out because he was acting TOO well?  Harvey Stephens has an even better pedigree—he was the original bad seed, Damien from the original The Omen.

And of course, the part that means anything to us is Eileen Dietz, who played The Demon in the original Exorcist.

These are heavy titles, and they give Shadows Within, a title about the town of Whitchurch plagued by a series of satanic murders, a whole lot of ammunition, and a whole lot of high expectations.