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Doctor Quinn, Terror Hottie, at the Beach Party At The Threshold Of Hell


Oh, do I have a winner for you! No, seriously—this one’s almost as good as that one I found for you about how June Lockhart was a terror hottie.  Seriously…if you’re not already sitting down, do so, because I’ve got a winner for you.  It’s called “Beach Party At The Threshold Of Hell” and GUESS who’s on the cast list?

Jane Seymour!

That’s right!  Doctor Quinn!  That chick who played Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman all those years on that show of the same name is coming back to play in a movie called “Beach Party At The Threshold Of Hell”!  Is anyone out there laughing as hard as I am right now?? This is positively unbelievable news—she’ll be playing President Lauren Coffey.

The plot is even better—in the far-flung year 2097, twenty years after the nuclear destruction of America, Tex Kennedy (yes, there’s a relation to Jack) leads a band of survivors from their bunkers and sets out to found a new nation!  Along with two sidekick androids, and facing down a whole bunch of would-be killers along with even the Devil himself, it’s a long road for Tex to jumpstart the United States of America.

And we’ll get to see Tex take on the Devil and Jane Seymour in a horror flick on DVD July 15th.