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Not Quite As Dead As You Think

(Jennifer Love Hewitt)

Everybody remember Jennifer Love Hewitt?  You know, the chick who spent all that time screaming into the sky as dolly shots took place above her in the various I Know What You Did Last Summer movies?  Well, she’s been on the outs lately, but she’ll have a fresh title coming out next year, and for those few who may have hoped otherwise, no, it’s not a horror flick.

Instead, what it is is a comedy-drama hybrid about a Texas hooker turned housewife who finds she’s left a LOT of damage in her past’s wake.  It’s called—get this—She Had Brains, A Body, And The Ability to Make Men Love Her.

Excuse me if I don’t put that one up on my list of must-see titles…and excuse me further if I just plain old couldn’t care LESS.  This is a horrible idea that will likely end poorly and end up direct to video, giving us even LESS to enjoy at the video store.

Brandy’s Amazing Visibly Expanding Blu-ray Release



And as if The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Urban Legend weren’t enough for you to get your jollies around, then you can definitely get behind Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brandy in the I Know What You Did Last Summer and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Blu-ray releases.

There is no word as to whether Brandy’s Amazing Visibly Expanding Ass will be a special feature or if it’s been edited out of the movie—seriously, pay attention to it.  It will actually get LARGER the farther into the movie you get.  If I Still Know…had had a run time of three hours, Brandy’s ass would have required a UN delegation because it could be annexed as a small country, roughly the size of Luxembourg.  An old joke was that, in emergencies, they could’ve actually SHOWN the movie on it had she been wearing white.

But regardless there will be plenty of extra special features as both films hit disk on, not surprisingly, July 22.