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Brooke Lewis – Sinister Girl of The Year

(Brooke Lewis)

Does this really surprise anyone? Brooke Lewis, star in the upcoming Slime City Massacre, was voted Sinister Girl of the Year!

As a true scream queen she has had an impact in the horror industry both as an actress and a producer.  Her upcoming projects include The Drum Beats Twice (actress/executive producer) and iMurders (actress/executive producer).

Congrats Brooke Lewis from the Terror Hotties team!

Binding Brooke Lewis

Terror hotties Brooke Lewis and Julie Krystina, along with a host of big horror names, have banded together to bring us a movie called Bind.

I know I’m being somewhat vague about the “host of big horror names” part, and that’s okay, because I’ll clear it up right now.  Check out this list:  Devon Sawa, Tony Todd, Ken Foree, and Dan Ellis.

Which is no small list on its own, but the plot makes it even more interesting. Check out this quick synopsis from bloody-disgusting:

For years the wooded mountains have been the setting for many myths, horror and ghost stories, told one generation to the next on camping trips. Only, what no one ever thought to consider was, what if there was someone in those woods worse than any myth imaginable…

Which is not half bad, by the sound of it, and with all that extra star power involved it sounds like it could be the next Abominable.  And that’s some good news.