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Plague Town Is Wall-To-Wall Terror Hotties

(Erica Rhodes)

So Dark Sky Films will be bringing us a whole lot of terror hottie goodness with its upcoming Plague Town, a film that will feature the likes of Josslyn DeCrosta, Erica Rhodes, Lindsay Goranson, and Elizabeth Bov.

Making its market premiere at Marche du Film in Cannes on May 21st, Plague Town sends a dysfunctional family to a tiny village in the Irish countryside. Now, before you go thinking of that episode of Family Guy where Peter got hammered into sheer insensibility and sang “My Drunken Irish Dad”, what’s in this village is actually a whole bunch of diseased and deformed folk who act as horrifying as they look.

And that is where the killings start.

I’m willing to show a little enthusiasm for Plague Town—after all, a townful of homicidal, deformed maniacs is a pretty scary prospect—and the boost of several terror hotties is never a bad thing. Almost makes me wish I was going to Cannes.