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Daveigh Chase Ascends To Terror Hottie Rank May 12th

(Daveigh Chase)

So this is it, folks—Donnie Darko gets its direct to video sequel with the upcoming S. Darko, due out on your video store shelves May 12th.

Containing a whole lot of terror hotties, including not only Miss Chase but also Briana Evigan and from literally out of nowhere Saved By The Bell Showgirl extraordinaire Elizabeth Berkley, S. Darko follows Donnie’s little sister Samantha (the S. in S. Darko) who’s run away from home after her brother’s death fully seven years ago.  While out in the desert with her best friend Corey, Samantha witnesses a meteor strike the earth that fractures time and starts a countdown to the end of the world.

Oh boy, just what we all needed—more fun with temporal physics from the movie series that managed to make it even MORE confusing than your college science classes could ever do.  I’ve got to admit, I’m not looking forward to this mindbender, mostly because it’s actually almost TOO cerebral.  But we’ll get to see how it comes out this May.

Daveigh Chase and Briana Evigan: Darko Redux

(Daveigh Chase)

Daveigh Chase and Briana Evigan will be teaming up to give us a blast of terror hottie from a very unexpected source.  And frankly, given the source, I could stand to never hear from them again.

This’ll kill you, folks—apparently, a sequel to Donnie Darko is in the works, and they’re calling it S. Darko.

It’s plausible that S. Darko will stand for Samantha Darko, which you may remember as being Donnie’s little sister.  S. Darko will take place seven years after the events of the original, and in this one, Samantha is on a road trip heading for Los Angeles, where she’ll be killed by a falling airplane engine—no, I’m just kidding. We can’t possibly be that lucky.  No, this time, Samantha will be plagued by a series of bizarre visions, much like Donnie was last time.

And this is exactly what I needed to hear.  Look, Donnie Darko wasn’t really that scary.  Calling it a horror film is actually sort of an overstatement, as we’re talking about a movie that was only scary in the sense that dreams where you show up for class on a day you’re supposed to take a test and you haven’t studied are scary.  When you finally figure out what happened in Donnie Darko, you inevitably feel let down because you put all that time and effort into figuring out just WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED, only to discover that it’s really rather stupid.

Thus, no, I’m not looking forward to this one at all, which will start shooting imminently.

(Daveigh Chase)


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