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Mother’s Day Remake Behind The Scenes Featurette

(Jaime King)

Darren Lynn Bousman, folks, is a name that’s taken a LOT of punishment lately.  After the gigantic gold-plated floparoo that was Repo The Genetic Opera (thing lost something like ninety percent of its shooting budget in box offices), he’s back, and he’s doing remakes.  This is somewhat safer territory, but a remake of Mother’s Day may be a little too…obscure…to help out.

But he’s got plenty of terror hotties involved in this one–Jaime King and Rebecca De Mornay just a few among them–and that’s got a good boost to it.  There’s a behind the scenes featurette making the rounds, so catch it if you want to see how things are going.

For a quick refresher on the plot, three brothers are heading home to see their mother after escaping the clutches of justice, but they discover that mom lost the house to foreclosure.  Now, the three decide they’re going to get mom’s house back…one way or another.

The film looks to be released on Mother’s Day, but no one’s sure if it’ll match that date.

Heave A Sigh of Relief–Scream Queens 2 Has a REAL Terror Hottie

(Jaime King)

Folks, I was never very happy referring to Shawnee Smith as a terror hottie because, frankly, her horror cred was SO limited from the word go.  I mean, come on–sure, she was Amanda in Saw, but what else?  She was Julie Lawry for ten minutes in The Stand.  And not much else beside that.  But now, the second season of Scream Queens–which will likely offer up as a prize a role in Saw VII–is going to have a much more qualified terror hottie.

Jaime King.

Oh yes, the star of My Bloody Valentine, The Spirit, They Wait and SEVERAL others, which blows away Shawnee’s yawn-inducing resume by a factor of a lot, will be acting as one of the three judges in the upcoming VH1 reality show series that will probably be able to go on as long as Saw does, and at last report, that will be “until it stops making money”.

So if you found last season a little lackluster, tune in this season for a qualified judge.

Mother’s Day Gets The Cops Called On It

(Jaime King)

Guess the folks out at the production of Mother’s Day, featuring terror hottie Jaime King.  Bousman’s production got a bit too rambunctious, and a Winnipeg local noticed one of the scenes filming in front of him featuring a blood-coated actor brandishing a gun.

Naturally, said local then called the local constabulary, who rushed to the scene and quickly ascertained that this was in fact a movie shoot.  A good laugh was reportedly had by all and no one was hurt, arrested, or shot with a taser.

Though there was a minor note of protocol the cops brought up for Bousman and crew–apparently there’s a certain kind of procedure that must be followed when filming a scene in which a gun of any sort is used in a traveling vehicle.

A misunderstanding, to be sure, but one that no doubt raised some hairs for a while, and got Bousman’s dubious production a little extra advance publicity.

Jaime King Comes Back For More Horror

(Jaime King)

So here’s some awesome news for you, folks–the always magnificent terror hottie Jaime King, fresh off engagements in both Repo! The Genetic Opera and My Bloody Valentine 3-D, will be coming back for a new horror jaunt in the upcoming remake of Mother’s Day.

I admit, I didn’t like the FIRST version of Mother’s Day.  It struck me as entirely too much pointless brutality and torture.  The second version, however, featuring King, seems like a definite step up.  This time, the two brothers are launching a much wider killing spree in an attempt to impress their mother, and Jaime King plays a woman directly in the path of said killing spree.

This could be much more interesting than anyone suspected, and I’m looking forward to it!

Jaime King Hates Ghost Month

Jaime King will be serving as the terror hottie for the upcoming stateside release of Asian horror spectacular They Wait, and it looks like it’ll be a fun piece.  You know Asian horror loves ghost stories, and this one will be no different.  Most of us will be getting it on video come September after what looks like a very short theatrical run abroad.  This, frankly, is just fine by me—I don’t particularly care how long the theatrical run is as long as I can get it eventually.

They Wait looks to be a standard ghost story—Jaime King’s young family packs up to return to North America for a family funeral following three years of living in Shanghai, and the move doesn’t sit well with the family’s young son Sammy.  Sammy is seeing ghosts and eventually becomes gravely ill.  If Sammy isn’t cured by the last day of Ghost Month—sunrise the next day—Sammy will be lost forever.

Spooky, I know—doesn’t sound like it’ll be really scary, but that’s the nature of a lot of Asian horror.  It tends to be more spooky than scary, and there’s definitely plenty of room for spooky.  Especially when it comes with terror hotties like Jaime King.

Megan Boone and Jaime King: Bloody Valentine’s Treats


(Jaime King)

Megan Boone and Jaime King are going to give us a real sack of Valentine’s day terror hottie treats with their upcoming film My Bloody Valentine.  I’m not giving you the whole title, though, as the full title is My Bloody Valentine 3D, and the whole 3-D concept is a sick joke on filmgoers everywhere.  But at the very least, My Bloody Valentine could be pretty interesting.

With or without the 3-D.

The plot isn’t half bad—Jensen Ackles of The Office fame will be playing a guy named Tom, who has returned to his home of Harmony, Montana ten years after a twenty two person deep killing spree took place.  When he gets back to Montana, he finds himself still in love with the lady who was his first love…and neck deep in the murder mystery.

So, not bad—not exactly a prizewinner for innovation, but it at least sounds solid enough.  And having Ackles along isn’t a bad move either.  Whether or not it’ll turn out well, we’ll have to wait until January 2009 to find out how it goes, but either way, I’m looking forward to it.