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Insanitarium: Where Olivia Munn Should Not Be Allowed to Travel


Man, I’m starting to wonder about the whole indie film concept.  I know I was only recently and vociferously praising it to high heaven, but now I’m really starting to wonder.  Why my doubt, you ask?  It’s all about the upcoming film “Insanitarium”, coming to DVD July 15th.

Oh, it’s not the plot that’s got me down—a man disguises himself as a mental patient to get into an insane asylum so he can break out his sister.  The guy leading the breakout goes on to discover that one of the doctors at the asylum is using patients like lab rats, turning them into bloodthirsty killers that are also apparently cannibals.  Thus, brother and sister must attempt to find a way out.

And this is, of course, not bad, until you consider who is actually in this…a newfound terror hottie who probably shouldn’t be here.  Why, it’s none other than TV’s Olivia Munn, whose career is built around Attack of the Show on G4 and of course the always popular short film “Olivia Munn Eats a Hot Dog”, which melted several geeks’ pants zippers.

In summary, she’s about as qualified as certain kinds of fish to appear in actual film.

Hopefully, Munn won’t bring down Insanitarium too hard, and the plotline will manage to save it.  We’ll find out July 15th.