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Liv Tyler Going Into John Carpenter Hell?

Exciting news, folks–we may all be waiting for Liv Tyler to make a comeback to The Strangers, Part Two, but until then we may have something to keep us occupied until then: Hell Within. And Hell Within is produced by no less than John Carpenter.

Hell Within takes us to the Brazilian jungle, where a woman has gone in pursuit of a girl whose life is in danger. But when she finally reaches the girl in question, she discovers that the girl in question was merely bait in the midst of a much larger machination that may cost her her life.

Sound exciting? Now here’s the part that will get you: the guy who wrote Hell Within, also wrote Midnight Meat Train. And that was some pretty good stuff indeed. Hopefully, this will turn out as good as Midnight Meat Train did. No word on a release date with this one, though, so we’ll have to keep an eye out for this one. Keep it right here for all the latest on this one.

The Strangers Is Getting Downright Familiar


I’m a little confused by this next piece of news, but I can’t say I’m really all that surprised about it. Apparently, Rogue Pictures is plotting to bring in another showing of The Strangers with a sequel coming up soon, and expected to return is terror hottie Liv Tyler.

Not that I’m not happy about this, mind you—I thought that the first one was solidly done with more than a few good scares in it—but I’m a little confused as to execution. They can’t very well just have the home invaders of The Strangers go break into ANOTHER house, now can they? They’ve got to do something different with the next one otherwise the brand will lose all force.

Production is slated to start early 2009, so we might get this one in time for Halloween 2009, maybe, maybe not. I have to admit that I’m looking forward to seeing how they pull this one off, or if it’s just one more series to avoid, kinda like what Saw’s been turning into.

Liv Tyler Takes On The Strangers

You might never have thought Liv Tyler was a terror hottie, but after what she’ll be going through in “The Strangers”, you’ll have to think twice.  See, in “The Strangers”, Liv and her husband, played by Scott Speedman, will have to repel a home invasion staged by three creepy-mask-clad strangers who broke into their house because, apparently, they were home.  Naturally, it will be neither simple nor pleasant to evict the threesome from the young couple’s home, and doing so will require a whole lot of tears, sweat, and oh yes, there will be blood. 
Which is all well and good.  Frankly, I was starting to think that the only place people were feeling safe any more was in their own homes so it was high damn time that a movie came along to show them how vulnerable they actually are.  I mean, let’s be honest—you feel safe in your house, but chances are, anybody with five minutes and a chainsaw could walk right into your house, no matter what alarms or locks you have on your doors.  They’ll cut right through a wall if they really wanted to.
And so, I find myself looking forward to The Strangers, in theatres May 30th, just so I can see what might happen, and of course, to enjoy terror hottie Liv Tyler.