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Moon Bloodgood Coming Back Our Way With A Director’s Cut

(Moon Bloodgood)

Terror hottie buffs out there, if you just couldn’t get enough Moon Bloodgood, then cheer up, because have I got some great news for you!

Seems that Terminator Salvation (the rights to which are actually up for sale right now–Joss Whedon bid ten grand on them, which was nowhere near the twenty million they wanted) is coming out with a director’s cut, and it’s rumored to feature the Moon Bloodgood topless scene we described not so long ago right here.

Of course, if this sounds a bit like a desperate cash grab to you, then believe me, you’re not alone in the least.  Will this help the beleaguered franchise get its footing back?  Only time will tell on that score.

Moon Bloodgood Goes For T4

The much-beleaguered installment of Terminator 4 has gone through plenty in it’s time–name changes, cast changes, title changes, even several rumors that say production is effectively dead on arrival.  But there may yet be some spark left in the Cyberdyne Systems hulk, as terror hottie Moon Bloodgood is currently in talks to take the female lead.

Bloodgood’s resume is fairly solid, especially with the geek community.  A couple video game roles, heavy on the television (including a part on Monk, the best show featuring an obsessive-compulsive main character on television today.  Okay, also the only show featuring an obsessive-compulsive main character.  What’s your point?)  But she was also on Pathfinder, which was a pretty fair movie in its own right, and rumors are circulating that she’ll also be involved with the next Street Fighter film.

So kudos to Moon Bloodgood, terror hottie with the funny name but the solid geek cred.  She’ll be needing it to survive the storm-tossed voyage that is Terminator 4.