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Nana Visitor Goes Where No DS9 Alum Has Gone Before

Brace yourselves, everybody.  I mean, seriously, brace yourselves.  Because the news I got about the biggest baddest new terror hottie the industry has ever seen will just blow your mind clean off its axis.

A little background first–I’m terribly fond of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  It’s my personal favorite of all the treks, especially as I’m a World War II buff and the last two seasons of DS9 were a giant WWII allegory.  Anyway–the part that means something to you, or should, is that the role of Pamela Voorhees in upcoming Michael Bay stinkbomb Friday the 13th has been cast, and it’s gone to none other than Major Kira!

Nana Visitor, terror hottie fans!  Nana freaking Visitor is going to be in the Friday the 13th remake!  Okay, granted, Bay’s looking to screw this thing up six ways from Sunday by ignoring the canon and bringing in a real shitheap of a supporting cast (featuring more terror hotties, more on that another time), but the addition of Nana Visitor is seriously, seriously making me reconsider my self-imposed boycott.

Michael Bay, why do you hate me so?  You make me want to hate you, and then you give me a reason not to.  Stop playing with my emotions, Michael Bay!

…wildly out of character rant aside, release of this barely-redeemable horror is slated for the day before Valentine’s Day 2009.