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Only Two Good Reasons to Have Willa Ford in Friday the 13th


Now I’m quite convinced that Michael Bay’s out to singlehandedly destroy the entire Friday the 13th franchise by making it the biggest laughingstock on the face of the earth.  How do I know?  Real simple–one of his latest casting moves made that abundantly clear.

Friday the 13th’s got a brand new inductee to terror hottie ranks, and frankly, by the look of it we could’ve done without her.

Two words:  Willa. Ford.

On the off chance that you have no clue what I’m talking about, and it’s really not hard, Willa Ford’s extensive career in film (all three roles of it) and her spectacular singing career (she was a one-hit wonder like six, seven years ago) clearly qualifies her for a position at Denny’s, or possibly, based on her head shots, a long-term engagement at the nearest Hooters.

We’re talking about a woman who’s biggest film role was a 2007 slot as Anna Nicole Smith.  She briefly hosted the Fuse show that about twenty people even know exists, Pants-Off Dance-Off.  Clearly, she has all the acting and singing skills required of certain animals.  I’m rather convinced that one of the many dogs from the franchise that won’t die, Air Bud, could handle a scream queen role better than Willa Ford.

This is, of course, yet another spectacularly stupid move in a long string of spectacularly stupid moves made by Michael Bay, but by now we should all be used to stupidity from Michael Bay.  Thus, we have a freshly-minted terror hottie that no one really wants to see involved with serving popcorn, let alone serving a vital role in the revival of one of the three greatest horror franchises ever known.