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Piranha 3DD Almost Went Direct To Video In The UK

Interesting reports emerged, only just Friday, that suggested that Piranha 3DD was going direct to video in the UK on March 9th. Thankfully, a quickly-received update followed that showed that no such thing was a concern.

Piranha 3DD, featuring a whole raftload of terror hotties including Danielle Panabaker, was set to take us back out to the beleaguered country attacked by the meat-eating fish in the first installment. Only this time, the piranha had a whole new target in mind: a water park. And there will be plenty of meat for them to eat when they get there.

I admit, I enjoyed the first Piranha–wildly over the top and packed with laughs (not to mention a sweet if underused Christopher Lloyd appearance), this one was a lot of fun. Sure, it wasn’t anyone’s idea of a good movie, but it was hard to not be called fun, if nothing else. Current word suggests that this will hit theaters possibly starting in March, and will hopefully be as much fun as its predecessor.

Piranha 3DD To Have Plenty Of Terror Hotties, Farting Cows, & More

We all know there are going to be a ton of terror hotties in Piranha 3DD–the name practically screams it–but there’s going to be some more in here that may not be terror hottie, but also some more…unusual…things.

Featuring Danielle Panabaker as just a very small part of a much larger list of terror hotties, Piranha 3DD is about to take us out to a water park that’s about to be swarming with a host of tiny, flesh-eating fish.

But more than that, we’re going to get two very strange experiences here: one, Gary Busey as a local farmer. That alone is going to be a trip in its own right, but where it really gets strange is that he’ll be raising a cow with some pretty excessive flatulence problems. Explosively so, in fact.

This one likely won’t be hitting theaters for some time, so we’ll be keeping an eye on this one and passing on all the word we can find!

Piranha 3DD Gets A Teaser Trailer

We all remember what the Piranha remake was like. When Jerry O’Connell died with a last “wet t-shirt contest” on his lips, not only could I not stop laughing, but I was surprisingly impressed.

Piranha 3DD, which will not at all surprisingly be packed with terror hotties including Danielle Panabaker and Katrina Bowden, among others. And this time, we go from fresh water to chlorinated as the flesh-eating monster fish invade The Big Wet Water Park. Needless to say, there’s going to be a whole lot of coeds in bikinis getting eaten by fish, but will anyone manage to get off the menu out at The Big Wet?

And judging from the teaser trailer that’s emerged it’s going to be a lot like the first one. Though hopefully, this one will have a better ending instead of just kind of stopping in the middle of the film to say they’ll come back later. It’s now set to emerge sometime in 2012, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for more on this one to come.

More Romero Fun In 2010

(Danielle Panabaker)

We said it right here, folks, 2010 was looking to be Romero’s year of years, and it continues on in February 2010 (or more properly BEGINS in February) with the release of the remake of his classic film The Crazies.

Featuring terror hotties like Danielle Panabaker, this one revolves around a small Kansas town that finds itself victim of a whole new kind of emotional plague.  This isn’t a rage bomb, but what it is, is a “crazy bomb”.  A virus designed to reduce people to sheer insanity is let loose accidentally into the town’s water supply, and only a handful of people are left unaffected.  But can these people save their town–or even just themselves–before the government scorches the town off the map via the simple expedient of a whole lot of explosives?

You know this one’s already coming out–we’ve already talked about it a few times, but there’s a freaky new poster out for this one that emphasizes the nature of the crisis we’re facing here.  Fear thy neighbor, the poster asserts, and for good reason.

This little beauty hits theaters February 26th.

Danielle Panabaker–Yeah, I Never Heard of Her Either

So there’s plenty more reason to be complaining about the Friday the 13th remake, Michael Bay’s newest chunk of proof that he hates moviegoers but doesn’t hate their money.  And one of those comes from the recent promotion of actress Danielle Panabaker to the ranks of terror hottie status.

Now, Danielle Panabaker, in case you didn’t recognize the name (which I didn’t until I got myself over to the IMDB and looked her up) doesn’t have much of a career at all.  It is, in fact, somewhat true but highly uncharitable to suggest that her biggest role was as a bit player on the now-defunct but syndicated sitcom “Malcolm in the Middle”.

She had a couple of movie parts, including one in the snoozefest slasher film Mr. Brooks, and another role in Yours, Mine and Ours.  How this qualifies you to take up a role in what should have been a piece of horror film history is beyond me until I remembered that Michael Bay’s handling it.  And that explained everything.

So welcome, Danielle Panabaker, to terror hottie status.  May your stay be short and quickly forgotten.