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Sea of Dust Takes Best of Fest

(Ingrid Pitt)

Kentucky’s Fright Night Film Festival has recently announced the Best of the Fest award winner, and the lucky title is Sea of Dust from horror master Tom Savini and terror hottie Ingrid Pitt.

Described as a “satirical title” of “an otherworldly evil that threatens to possess humanity” and a “bizarre tribute to the European horror cinema of the 1960s”, Sea of Dust has taken its share of awards so fare, and was Fright Night’s keystone Friday night projection.  It has also taken a Best Picture Grand Prize from RIIFF, the Rhode Island International Film Festival.

Chances are, Sea of Dust marks more of an anomaly than any actual movement in filmmaking, and won’t likely produce a whole lot of imitators.  But if you’re hungry for a little of that old fashioned European horror madness, you’ll likely do just fine with Sea of Dust.

Ingrid Pitt, A Horror Classic

Now here’s one that’ll make you stand up and cheer, folks–Ingrid Pitt, who was a major figure in Hammer horror films and regarded as Hammer’s most seductive vampiress of the seventies, is still working, and will be back in, so far, three movies this year. She’ll be making her presence known in an adaptation of Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” currently in post production, she’ll be Tooley’s Mum in the very British production of “Beyond The Rave”, and she’ll be back to her roots in “Sea of Dust”, described as “David Lynch Meets The Brides of Dracula”.

Now, this is great. Ingrid Pitt may not be real immediately recognizable, especially in a culture that’s driven by the next big thing, but she’s a major part of the history of our genre. And any move that pays respect to our history is a move that gives our genre respect.

Which is exactly the shot in the arm horror filmmaking needs–a good healthy dose of respect.