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Unearthing Emmanuelle Vaugier

As the After Dark Horrorfest rolls on, we have plenty more in the way of terror hottie to make mention of, and give you even more reason to see these incredible, incredible horror movies. Unearthed is one movie that’s going to prove conclusively that, if you’re going to make a cheesy old monster movie, then you might as well make it the best monster movie you can.

The plot’s simple enough–big monster comes up from an archeological dig and runs amok–but clearly in the movie’s favor is Emmanuelle Vaugier, the terror hottie responsible for handling sheriff duties in the middle of nowhere community where the monster runs amok.

Vaugier’s performance is wonderfully authentic, and you can certainly feel the multiple directions in which her character is almost relentlessly pulled. Veering between tragedy and an iron sense of duty, Vaugier makes one hot sheriff.