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Sarah Lieving Neck Deep in Lovecraft


Now, on the one hand, you’ve got to feel a little bad for Sarah Lieving, a bona fide terror hottie with an extensive resume.  That may not sound on the surface like a problem, until you take a look at said resume and notice it reads like a stock portfolio jammed to the gills with Enron shares.

Sarah Lieving’s career, you see, is neck deep in Asylum Mockbusters.  Everywhere you look at her IMDB profile, you see plenty of them, and many of them from the same director, short-order schlockmeister Leigh Scott.  Any time you have a director on record as quoting from the fast / cheap / good matrix (If it’s fast and good, it won’t be cheap / if it’s cheap and good, it won’t be fast / if it’s fast and cheap, it won’t be good), you know you’re not going to get very far with that.

But there’s some hope for Lieving, as she’s just finished shooting along with horror legend Jeffrey Combs in an upcoming H.P. Lovecraft film featuring the chronically underused Whateley family.  The Whateley family, an inbred bunch of psychopaths, loves nothing more than the thought of unleashing screaming temporal doom on us all, and seeks to do so by calling in the help of the otherworldly squishy horrors that Lovecraft was so fond of putting in his books.

Lieving, in what looks to be an action horror role that she’s already well-acquainted with, will be fighting the evil Whateleys alongside Griff Furst.  With shooting finally complete, a release can’t be far behind, so let’s all get good and excited in advance.